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  1. Actually I do not, I'll look into that, thankyou! Im always open to knowledge as long as it's available. With the time i have I'm open for anything, my father went through casting classes at Kentwood but that may no longer be there. I really appreciate your input, it's strongly encouraging to keep going at a strong rate. although I should slow to take in the valid information needed that may depend on me walking out of that barn again if I do brass. I've heard of preheating molds, I've looked at sand castings before, I'll have to take a second look... thankyou for the warning! This shape i have is desirable for many reasons. some being for pour bells later on when the capability is there. another that it will fit in most vices in the machines I have readily accessible. Its a great platform for my own creativity to come into play. I think its also going to be necessary for the parts needed in this gated entrance im working on. thank you again! ,Rudy
  2. Once again thankyou for your knowledgeable input it's greatly appreciated! I'm very new to this I've been in a on stage of preplanning for almost 3 years doing decent amounts of research when my time frees up. As far as these ingots. I have access to two machines that I'll be using between my forging process but all this is in planning of my gated entrance to our sugar bush. Ill be making this from ground up when it comes to timber and the hinges, bolts, locking mechanism, and our company name will be poured with a few other decorative pieces. I have to say thankyou for your warning. i knew of the dangers of galvanized metals before I knew of brass but I found out a few days ago what precautions I should take. no worries I'll post pictures of my temporary shop soon along with a few ideas for ventilation.
  3. Caledonia, Mi Thanks for the input everyone! I havent put my money into it quite yet but as my father has always tought, it's better to spend more time and effort into foreplanning... so that being said I currently do not plan on melting any steels but I will be doing work with a lot of brass and some bronze this winter. Id like to know that no matter what my mold will hold up for more than I intend to use it for now. I've got plans for ingots closer to 12" long by 5" wide by 3" deep.
  4. Howdy y'all! I'm new to both this site and metal works outside of cnc machining. However, I cannot seem to find the desired shape and size for an ingot mold. While searching for valuable information on titanium and other mold materials I haven't found the direct answers needed. I recognize that titanium is brittle to a certain degree and it tends to be a bit of a bugger when machining. I do have capabilities and necessities for machining my desired mold but the big question is, Will titanium withstand the temperatures of molten steel alloys and iron? Secondly, will it maintain its it's integrity and structure after numerous pours? Like i said I'm new. I'm open to all suggestions and any knowledge or experience. Your time spent would be greatly appreciated!