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  1. Its not yet confirmed but later this month hopefully to get that much makes me a lot more nervous than expected :S
  2. Finland actually and its made by Ovako if that helps at all :S I'd rather keep my location secret but there you have it lol
  3. The thing is I am getting about 1,5 tons of it later this month in 2 separate lots..... So yea even if doing blacksmithing for 24/7 it'll take at least a year to check next supply run it.... So yea getting a lot of it in next month period there's at least 35mm and 18mm round bar and I have no clue pretty much other than making tools out of it from it and I have seen only tempering at 850 to 880 celsius, but no idea of how to quench it and I ask of you do I quench it in oil or water or air?
  4. I am not sure if this is correct place to ask, but enyhow I am going to buy a lot of SS2230/50CrV4 grade steel, but issue is is it good enough for gardening tools and also for making some blacksmith tools like hot cutters etc. I checked quite many sources and still can't figure out... Bladesmith charts says used for large knives but thats all I can get that says its good for something. Its tool graded steel with about 0,5 C amoungst some other propeties. I thank you all for answers in advance
  5. Not working I tried to do it other means but no such luck... maybe its for Americans only? Would be my luck :/ Heres a somewhat of screenshot of it: 403. That’s an error. Your client does not have permission to get URL /books/content?req=AKW5QaerQrlZ1dQdCbuuslGR1l5WtvXmMJfbQKWnU1FRVh1xWoBq1ysbwsYL_1uZuSEbg_nt9fnWvp6r0HxpmMOKUL614Qga4-Om9njGw21cg5hQNypG8GpVrIMMMoZUVJYmSutbyRGmYDKqiAyOGeycd_vUIJBh7VRIfwciygRkNnF0hGYubtcs2jKInUqTMoWVjdMKgbsiPXyuLvbNx7zEeogTDKxeA48dGD4G7-fSEV_Vu004tMsoRvNo3FId2Uh81eT9aG95CRvBZlP0B1RCjOjMsZGiLAfrom this server. That’s all we know.
  6. No eBook available and Get print book atm Books Added to Favorites Write review G
  7. I know its almost a year later but where did you downloaded it? I was trying to get it but no success
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