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  1. The base would still be exposed gilding metal which would contaminate the liquid after a short while, even if I made the sides out of stainless (plus it makes my soldering more difficult and is harder to patinate). My brain just finally kicked in and realised that enameling the piece would mean all of my solder joints would fail, as they are done with enameling solder and then filled in with Easy Flo silver solder. I told you I'd be a pain. I really do want to have my cake and eat it... Sorry guys. Ah, sorry Latticino, I didn't see your reply before sending that. I think some bugs get swept up and killed in the process of harvesting the shellac. But yeah, the point about it's reaction with alcohol was also something I'd overlooked. Some kind of spray on polymer would be perfect. The one in your link for example looks perfect! I just hope it's not only available in humongous industry scale quantities... Thanks again though Latticino.
  2. Ah, now that would be a fancy idea. Yeah they are around the £90 mark (not that that is worth much anymore!). I might also look into the enamel idea, I wonder if there's any food safe cold enamels around too?
  3. Hey guys and gals, I've been coming to this site on and off for the last few years now, and I've always been impressed by people's knowledge and willingness to share it, so I'm hoping you guys could chuck a bit of wisdom my way? Basically, I've got some whiskey tumblers made from a range of materials. For example, one is made from extruded steel bar and then capped at one end with a gilding metal base (gilding metal being somewhere between brass and copper). I need to make the inside food safe as it's gonna have whiskey in it. I can't use stainless because the thing is supposed to rust on the outside.I can't use shellac because the customer is a vegetarian. Is there any way I can get around this? The inside of the tumbler is quite textured so whatever coating goes on it, it needs to be able to seal well. Also, I can't plate the inside with silver or tin because the customer likes the way it looks on the inside too.......... If any such magical substance exists, it would be great to know about. But on a more realistic note, if anyone has some kind of reasonable design compromise I could make, it would be great to hear. I did a rummage round in the forums before and didn't manage to find anything that kitted my needs, but if it's already there, I'mm sorry for my poor searching skills. Many thanks in advance y'all. Rob
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