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  1. that would be great! yes my blower works perfectly now tat I cleaned it all up and gave it some good TLC :-) I have a washing machine motor I can use, but I'd love to get it restored back to the way it "should" be.... If I'm going to go down the electric road, I have a power vent blower that I can replace the Hero's blower with completely without permanently modifying the forge thanks! Mike B
  2. I had thought about that, however there isn't much room between the flywheel and the blower pulley :-(
  3. Hi all! My Hero Forge saga continues :-) I picked up this forge abou ta month ago, it's all belt driven, whereas most rivet forges I've seen have a quarter gear that moves the flywheel, this one has two belts instead of the gear..... I took the whole thing apart and cleaned it all up, got everything moving and spinning the way it should be. Got it all back together, started to test out to get ready for new homemade leather belts.... using Paracord to get the right sizes ;-) Well, I think I have the wrong flywheel.... the flywheel should spin clockwise in order to s
  4. ok, so, thanks to the help here that have sent me some information, I've found out it's a Canedy hero forge number 6. there aren't any gear teeth on this model, as it uses a leather strap to acomplish the same thing. i do have a broken part that I'd love pictures of a complete example. Take a peek at the portion within the yellow circle. If anyone knows of, or has one of these please take a few pictures. if you have one of those arms that you'd be willing to sell to me, let me know that too please! :-) thanks! Mike B
  5. I'm still searching, but I don't think this model has the quarter gear on it... although I may be wrong. I've seen a lot of pictures of other Rivet forges that have the gear setup and this one looks different. It might supposed to have a gear on it, but for some reason I dont' think so... yes, the pivot handle is broken, but I do have the bracket that goes into that little nub that sticks out ;-) I'm sure I can fashion something up to connect it up. If not, I have that electric blower I got along with it... I can always use that... however I'd much rather use the lever and
  6. cool! I'll continue my search for that :-) any thoughts or ideas what, if any, pieces might be missing?
  7. yup, there is certainly a piece missing, or something that has to be connectedt.... If I can get the forge identified, I should be able to find pictures of the missing piece that I can make. :-) Mike B
  8. HI all! Long time lurker, first time posting :-) I just picked up a forge, 1.5HP electric blower, and a full 20 gallon drum of Bituminous coal for $150. I'm hoping that I got as good of a deal that I think I did :-) can anyone identify this forge for me? I'll dig into it on Saturday to try and hook up handle to turn the flywheel. The blower spins nicely as does the flywheel. I have the leather belt, and the bracket for the wooden handle. If anyone can help point me in the right direction for hooking up the handle to spin the flywheel that would be fanta
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