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  1. Matt, Thanks for that great list of steels. That is exactly what I was looking for! you are the man, Steve
  2. anybody have a listing of types/grades of steel and their uses? I mean like the difference between like....W1 and S1 or something like that Steve... walking in the dark.
  3. Thanks for the help guys, I knowI could go and buy one af whatever I needed...but that is not the idea... I want to be able to say I made that one. I think I will look for a piece of axel and give it a run. I would like to have a hammer that is longer and used for dishing in the swage block. Steve
  4. I would like to have some custom hammers for forging sheet metal. Would it be of value to take an existing hammer and reforge it to the shape I want it to be. That way I dont have to find metal , drift a hole Etc. from scratch. I am thinking the store bought hammer would already be made of "Hammer Metal". Steve in NC
  5. Hello. I am new to the I Forge Iron family and am excited to start interacting with, what seems to be a great bunch of gus and ladies. I have arleady loked at almost all of the blueprints and you guys are rally good. glad to be on board. Steve on the Coast of NC.
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