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  1. I forget the brand off the top of my head but it's 170lbs and I picked it up for $600. Works like a dream.
  2. Huzzah! I have bought myself a nice little gift of an anvil... from Chuck!
  3. I just talked to him today I think! He is selling me a 130lb on Saturday. Has a large stock of tools and anvils, is barely north of me. Wife informed me I am booked this Saturday with family stuff, and March 19th I am booked with an Art Show so it looks like April I will be able to attend the first meet up. Now that I know they are the 3rd Saturday I can plan accordingly. May be a couple months but I look forward to meeting up and sucking up some knowledge.
  4. Is it just a show up kinda thing? Don't want to be rude heh.
  5. First post as a part of this community. I have been working off a Harbor Freight Anvil for about 2 years now as a backyard Blacksmith. I never really understood why people called bargain brand Anvils as "ASO" ( Anvil Shaped Objects ) until this weekend while hammering with my Grandfather and his friends on a REAL anvil. To cut a long story short, I am a backyard blacksmith, I need a real Anvil. About 100lbs. I live in Acworth GA and am willing to travel. Sadley Craigslist has a selection from dealers that want to price Anvils outside of the market of people that actually want to USE an a
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