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  1. Thank you all for the usefull advice. As suggested changed it to a tripod stand and welded on some threaded rods with bolts and brackets to clamp it down. Also went over the whole thing with a wirebrush and some 800 grit sandpaper and got a clearer image of the brand.
  2. Yeah I know it's still a work in progress. Just got exited now that I have people to talk to about smithing. Feet is a given and might add some rings along the edge for tool holding. It's a snug fit so I had to force it into place but will add some bars over the feet to secure it just in case.
  3. Took some more pictures for you guys. Smoothed the edges just a bit and made a stand for it the other day.
  4. It's not what I haven't been able to do just that it bugged me how it looked and if it would be a problem down the line as I progress my work. But since people says it's fine I feel relived.
  5. Thank you all for the fast replies. I see now that it looks worse than it is for my unexperienced eyes. I will round of the edges abit for more consistency atleast. The hardy is chipped mostley the first few millimeters then it's just surface rust so I think I cound just make tools for it with a wide head so it wont get stuck. So far I've used the round hole since we have pieces of roundstock that fits that perfectly. Scrambler82 : It's a 90kg NOHAB, sais 18 on one the other side to if that helps identification.. From what I understand they are quite rare.
  6. So I found this old and really beatup anvil at work a few months ago so have gotten into smithing, nothing fancy just a couple of railroad spike knives and a pair of arm guards so far. But I feel like improving my workplace since I can't really make any smooth bends with these edges and it just bugs me the way it's been treated. Very deep grindmarks on the square horn and a minor one on the round one, chippings along the entire edge on both sides and in the hardy hole. On the plus side the face is flat and even without irregularities and it got really good bounce over all. Is it worth repairing this old wreck or should I look into getting a better one?