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  1. Nothing special for that stake Thomas. Yesterday I found it from old horse stable under junk things. First I saw was the horn and the rest was buried underground . I thought this one gonna b small anvil and continued digging. That's all the story of the stake. The base of this one is solid square. I also wondered that the base isnt fit to the hardie hole of my 3cwt Brooks. Thanks all for the help.
  2. Thomas, I think steel bcoz its rings. The sound is different from normal anvil but the ring of this stake is almost like a small bell.
  3. I just bought stake anvil that is good condition. But there is no marks to id it. Pls help.
  4. Im not familiar with lots of anvil brands. But I seen a lots of Brooks Anvils at junkyards sales and flea markets. There is no Brooks that contains carrying holes or holes at the base. I'm not sure that they produce with lifting holes or not. My experience is no holes with Brooks 3&1/2 cwt.
  5. Thanks for the help u guys. Now im starting ring a bell. Did i need to paint anti-rust for the base????
  6. Here is the photos after cleaning rust. And also little holes that I said.
  7. Yes. U r right arkie. Yesterday i measured my anvil. Table lenght = 20 in, width 5 in, height is 14 in, weight 3cwt at print on one side. Base lenght 14" and base width 10" . Can anybody know the mark at base plate is???? Today i clean the rust and i found that there is some logo or alphabet or sthg at base plate. Is my anvil brand is Brooks??? After cleaning with angle grinder wire brush head, i found a lots of small holes under the horn and at the base. I think its was a rusty holes. Pls give me advice and help to repair holes. I have no idea. Thanks for the help Thomas. I got the result to 8.2 to 8.5 at ruler scale. I used my camera for rebound lenght. I played back slow motion and average result of 8.2 to 8.5. I think my anvil ring is a little bit louder than the ring i heard at blacksmith shop. Is that normal???
  8. Thanks to all of u for the help. Im also newbie.
  9. I'm from Myanmar and i bought it from junk sales. The face is 10" long , 5" wide. The high is 14 inches. Is this anvil is good or bad???? I mean brand???
  10. My new anvil only have 3 cwr at one side. Pls see the photo for detail. Pls help me.