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  1. No I have all that. Just missing drill attachement and small cutting hardie. Your gearing system is different than mine. Also, underneath the right hand side of the vice jaw is an opening in mine for the vice clamp part attached to the left side to pass into.
  2. it has a place for a drill it and grinding wheel. Mine also a place to clamp pipe in the bottom part of the jaw. Part of the gear box on top transfers to the bottom to power the air blower to the forge tuyere. Pretty sure different manufacturer. thanx for the pic.
  3. Yes it is a nice find. As far as can tell, they made model for one year and redesigned in 1921 moving the wheel for opening closing the vice to the other ice so it wouldn't be over the fire. The anvil comes off the top and can be replaced by a drill plate. On the 1921, version this was hinged instead.
  4. You can put me wherever you want as long I am near the heat of my forge and can hear the ring of the anvil.
  5. I just acquired this rare forge (first one I have ever seen in Canada. It is Champion Combination Repair Forge produce in 1920 and then redesigned in 1921. This forge has never been used! There are two small parts missing. One is the drill bit chuck that screws into the left side of the vice and the very small cutting hardie. If anyone has seen, or has one of these for sale pleas let me know.
  6. C I have m t him once a number of years ago, but that's it. I don't live near him at all.
  7. Ontario, Canada. Website is: www.forgedincanada.ca. Forgedinfire.ca will get you there as well.
  8. I own a blacksmithing business, teach privately and use my facility for teaching with a college. I have been smithing for over 20 years. It says I'm a newbie, but on was this sight probably back 15 years ago.
  9. the holes are round thought not square. why in the sides? Nice wide face.
  10. I know about the horns and blacksmithing, but the holes on the sides must be designed for a particular purpose I'm guessing. No hardie hole,k no make. Thanks for the French part. One more piece to my puzzle.
  11. Never seen an anvil like this as pictured. Any idea what it was designed for? It weights a little over 300 pds.
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