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  1. Jim in answer to that I feel I can sell the titanium fender for $200 . I an not sure It is wise to make to many of them though , necause believe it or not I am forming them with wood dies cold I am alsp not sure if I am beating up my pullmax to much ,. My thoughts on the machine is if the spring loaded belt tensioner is not clattering the frame is not driving the crank , so I hope it lasts. How does one set up this forum to notify of responndses ?
  2. I Make fenders typically out of steel .aluminum,stainles and brass . I Have wanted to try titanium , well I finally found some at what might be concidered affordable . Well I worked up a fender . Tough stuff . If zero was lead and aluminum was 3 steel 7 stainless 12 titanium would be 18 on the scale of hard to do . Sping back something terrible . After forming I took it to the buffer and I got random white blue sparks ocationally . titanium is .6 the weight of steel and 50-65 thousand psi yeild as upose to 45 thousand psi of steel . Neet stuff if you get past mean .
  3. How long it lasts depends on how wide it is and how much buffing around sharp edges, that said surprisingly long, to make the buffs lay them out with compass and cut with shears punch hole with sharpened tube , true up on buffer with angle grinder. As far as making flap wheels no can do , bought at flea market
  4. From experience it is wise to balance the vane so what is up wind counter balances down wind . this is a bit of a problem do to needing more area down wind , but if you do the vane will twitch and realign with the smallest wind direction changes . This means thin metal down wind and leads up wind but is worth doing
  5. I built this buffer / flap wheel . I have found single ply cardboard makes an excellent buffing wheel , I have used 30" dia at 1750 , it allows lots of pressure before deflecting . The flap wheel is a 14" x 6" . I ran the belts up the inside of the box tube pedestal as a belt guard . it has a 2 hp 3 ph motor .
  6. this is a buffer I built 2 hp 3 phase twin belts up the column right side is a 14" flap wheel and on the left 30 card board discs . as far as rough buffing nothing beat car board you can apply a lot of force creating heat to smear the metal
  7. that is tubing done as heat forged look?? I am impressed gives me ideas How heavy a wall thickness and how big have you done ?
  8. I have a p7 would love a p9 never worked metal hot My feeling all these machines have to much throat takes up to much room the amount of metal needed for the strenth at these throat depths is incredible
  9. The Pull Max is called a universal shearing and forming machine. Mine can shear 3/16 plate you push it through . The English wheel is pretty much an auto body / aviation tool. It is pretty neat you can beat the snot out of a piece of sheet with a hammer stretch and wad it up and you can bring it back to smooth again .
  10. attached is some pictures of some of my work in cold rolled using a Pull Max and an English wheel
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