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  1. Hope this information is still out there. I cannot see any of the pictures on this post but would be happy if you could post the name of the people who make the tension gage. thanks. email address removed
  2. Looking to pick up a Sawyers anvil of some size. I have two Peter Wright anvils but want to tune the big saw blades used on older saw mills. Anyone know of one for sale? Please email me at [email protected] thanks Bobby. I also would like to know what type of hammer would have been used to do the task. I have been told a rounding hammer, what most refer to as a knifemaker's hammer, the Japanese dog style hammer and a hammer that looks like a cross peen with a rounded off cross end??? Thought I would go to the experts for the right answer.
  3. John Newman I hope this will reach you as I know of no other way. I am trying to find out if you will be making trunnion blocks and if so when and how much. I did not see a way to respond to a post but I suppose I will figure it out eventually. thanks Bobby