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  1. Had a good time at the new salem hammer in yesterday. Peter Ross was the demonstrator, it was a great demo.I also learned by 1700 standards I AM a master smith LOL !
  2. theres no need for the share to be hard, the smith that I worked with would let them air cool, But he would say they had to be on there backs on a dirt floor running north and south! YA right. there is away to make a share that runs in sand last longer with out harding, But I can't tell, Its a trade secret.
  3. Well thats hard to read. Nice work!
  4. when I seen the title, I knew it was a stevens. I had to do the same thing to my 12ga. Nice work.
  5. Jeff B


    Well Its time I show some of my smith work, I posted about everything but smithing so heres a couple pears of tongs I made to flat and 3/8 stock
  6. Here it is hope it works good.
  7. http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/photo.php?v=217474345048095 Here is a ride in the cab
  8. This is a steam Whistle I am working on for my road loco, It is 43% of a full size Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Five note step top.
  9. I started with a small Mouse Hole 125#, it was in tough shape. { was my dads anvil } The first anvil I bought was a mint 300# Peter Wright. I love that anvil. { that was 20 years ago, I was just out of high school. } Had a chance to buy my friends anvil 2 years ago 350# Hay Budden, it went for $1600.00. didn't get it but did go to a good home and will be used.
  10. Jeff B

    foot pedal vice?

    here are the two I have. they are a very handy thing to have.
  11. Greenriver vise's all had Caulking and Bolt header dies when new. I just got caulking Dies with mine, not even the stop. The guy I got it from told me It never came with the bolt dies because the paint was still in the notches, but I knew better.
  12. This is my Main anvil in the shop 300# Peter Wright
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