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  1. Hi all, Buzzkill: Thanks for the long answer and advice, 15 minutes is about the time my forge heats up so that's about "right". I have once again had some playtime, i have tested my forge again and have com to the conclusion my tip is still to long. After heating up the flame is still blue it is getting less blue but not yet green with all air openings open. So tomorrow i wille shorten the tip even more, so i can run a lean flame and then tune it back to optimum. Silly question, would it help to have two burners in the forge? I see it a lot on youtube and pictures but could not really find a answer if it helps to get "easier" to welding temperature. thanks so far for all the advice.
  2. Oke, my mig tip can't be moved so i shortened it, only i shortened too much so i had to reduce the air flow to get it running constant instead of pulsating. But it was after some tweaking still not hot enough, then i ran out of "play time" i will give it another try tomorrow . The advantage of having to restrict my airflow is that I now can adjust it, see photo with the valve i attached. I have searched for smaller tips at work but the smallest is the one I have. Yes the bricks are very hard, it is almost impossible to drill through (luckily i have a waterjet at work) what is a long time to heat up? i have no idea how long it should last to heat up approximately. I have the feeling i am coming very close but still not there yet. So if i understand correct a neutral or even lean flame is hotter the a rich one, that is good to know, so i can even run it even a bit lean to get to the higher temperature. Thanks for the advice, I will post my progression tomorrow (i hope)
  3. Hi, I have edited my forge and I am almost there, it's already yellow hot. It is "smooshie" but not just sticking together yet. I have removed the brass plug and put the insulation under the forge. I have read more on the forum but i still do not understand how i can make it better, there is just to much information for me to understand. I have made pictures and movies while it was cold. The flame is looking "nice" i think a little bit rich if I am nog mistaken. I am using a 0.03 (0,8mm) mig tip. @ mikey: I know i need a protective coating, but i first want it running good before making something that is not easy to alter. I am using "pizzaoven bricks" the specs say they can take 1750 degrees Celsius, probably not meant for open flame, but i have to check that. So i someone has some more tips i would really like to hear them. Kind regards from the Netherlands
  4. Oke, I will get the brass fitting out and try again. The steel i have lying is "normal" steel sj235.
  5. That are only photo's from when it is hot. I will leave out the @ sorry
  6. Oke, thanks for the answers, Frosty:, i will take some pictures this weekend as you mentioned and post them. Goods: I will take out the coupler and see what happens. Mikey98118: on the picture's everything looks brighter then in real live, so this is a bit misleading. The pictures where they look bright yellow/white are in real light orange. I will also go deeper in to the burner design basics. A update will follow this weekend.
  7. Hi everyone, I have made a forge with a nice burner, only i do not seem to get the temperature high enough to forge weld. I have two square bars of 12mm which i want to forge weld. Why?? Well the last time i welded(25 years ago) i made some fire pokers (don't know if you write it like this) and thought it would be a nice project to start with. Only the last time i welde on coal in stead of a gas forge. Here are some photo's and films The inside size of my forge is, 220mm (8,5 inch) deep 160mm (6inch) wide and 110mm (4,5 inch) high. My pressure is aroud 0,55 bar (8psi) The bricks 1 use are 30mm think and my insulation is 40 an 50mm think. Should i increase my pressure? And now i think of it maybe i should insulate the bottom, would that make a lot of difference? I someone has some hints that would be nice. I have searched the forum but there is so much information i just don't know it anymore. Kind regards Harm
  8. I made a gasforge stand, and got my grandfathers anvil in my garage.
  9. Yeah, but it tried to find the right parts, but sometimes you have to do with what you got. Now i have to build my forge so I can test it in the forge and see what it does.
  10. Thanks for al the info, Here is the burner i made from parts i had around. Photo
  11. Yeah i have started, and it is a lot. So I am very happy with frosty's "short" list of advice.
  12. That is true, steel is worse off course, will look in to the wool. Thanks. Yeah it always raises eyebrows when i say mij name in English speaking countries. Yeah my English is a bit rusty but indeed i mean insulation. Wow that's a lot of information at once, thanks. It all makes sense, only i don't know f i am going to do it al in my first furnace build. I am going to look for a insulating blanket so the heat will stay in en i will have a look for what to use in/as a flame face. In the future i would like to fire weld so have to think of something to use as a flame face (will have a look on the forum) . The kiln wash i have to read in to, I didn't know that existed. Yeah the shell should not be a problem and I think with a thick bottom plate the rest can be made out off 2 or 3 mm.. Thank for the advice Frosty, it makes a lot of sense.
  13. Yes, i think they are, they are heat resistant till 1750 degrees Celsius (according to the specs) but isolation will not be that great, i plan to pack them in steel. If it is still not good, we have some fire resistant isolation sheets at work so that is still a possibility.
  14. Oke, nice to know, still some stakes fit the anvil, but i will post that as soon as i have it moved in my garage. And i will have to search the old garage for a stake plate. Naarden is a very lovely place indeed, the netherlands is nice
  15. Thanks We make all kind of parts, we have mills, lathe, welders and a waterjet. We make single of parts and small series for all kind of companies. So no day is the same and we do many different kind of work. I am a "engineer" but i do know a little machining and getting better at it as the newer machines are more computer controlled and i am more computer schooled.
  16. Hi everyone, I have been lurking a while, and finally had the time to introduce myself. Recently I have find the will and time to start forging. My grandfather was a blacksmith and I have his anvil and some hamers. Photo of the anvil and some stakes. Not all the stakes fit the anvil but the other anvil and forge were sold without me knowing So now i am cleaning his hammers, and going to build a gas forge . My plan is to just start with the "easy" stuff like leafs and stuff, and will see how it goes. I work in a small machine shop with 13 employee's and the boss and me at the office. Kind regards, Harm van de Wetering