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  1. Thank you all for your responses, I was under the (wrong) impression that RR spikes were of good enough quality to heat treat, but since it's not and I have an abundance of them, I suppose I'll take advantage of the readily available spikes and use them to work basics on the anvil, I will definitely scour the nail header tools on this site and make one, most of the classes offered by the North Texas blacksmithing association and the East Texas blacksmithing alliance or literally a day trip away from Rockwall, the class at the Dallas heritage museum is looking like my only option and I'm sure I
  2. It's quite alright, I didn't pick up any rude tone at all in Glenn's posts, they were extremely helpful, I've been smithing for almost a month now, have about 4 hours after work every day to clang away in the back yard and experiment with methods I've seen mainly on YouTube, I've made some knife blanks but I haven't gotten past that stage, no heat treat or grinding, just basic shapes, I'm using a can of railroad spikes my grandpa gave me when he learned I was getting the tools together the start smithing, as I mentioned I built my own charcoal powered forge, I am using what was advertised as a
  3. Oh, wow! Thank you for the info! All I could find was a very basic course being given at the Dallas heritage museum, in the description it said learning to light a coal forge and making nails and learning about different steels, I already know how to light a coal forge because I built my own and wasn't to crazy about shelling out 175$ for a two day course on how learn something I already know and learn about the different steel types that I could easily learn one morning with a cup of coffee in my hand, the nail making aspect was somewhat intriguing but I'm going to look into your suggestions,
  4. Thank you for feedback, I'll have to look for something in the Dallas area
  5. Hello! Just opening a thread for young beginning Smith's such as myself (19) I'm very much self taught and any helpful tips, tricks, etc, from veteran blacksmiths helps, namely along the lines of bladesmithing but any tips are greatly appreciated. thank you.
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