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  1. BigGunDoctor, So there's not a lot of history known behind this anvil. The guy I bought it from said he was hiking behind a stable his wife was working at and saw it laying in a ravine. Had to climb down and haul her out and back to his car over a mile away. My guess is that the stable used it at one time and during an expansion or Hurricane it got lost or washed away. Wish I had more to the story but guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Brian
  2. Thanks for the info fellas, really appreciate it. Gonna clean her up some more and see where im at after that.
  3. So my dilemma is that in Hawaii you will hardly ever come across an anvil. Getting one shipped here is ridiculously expensive. I want something I can work with and if that means it losing is "antique value" then I'm ok with that because I do not plan on selling it or displaying it. I just really want to get it in working order. You said grinding it would kill it as a tool, why is that? I guess its the easy way to get things flat but don't understand how grinding the base to get it flat would kill it. Again I'm new to this so not so informed. Is it better to clean, weld to build up and then grind the base?(the base looks high in the center, the feet look to be aligned with each other) I am guessing the process would be the same for the face and step as well, weld fill the divots and grind.(face looks to be pretty straight with just a few small high spots. Really appreciate the feed back.
  4. So I am currently living in Hawaii and decided to get into knife making. I started to look around for an anvil and to my surprise found this one on c list. The guy I got it from said he found it in a ravine behind a stable out here. It was rusty and he tried cleaning it with coke and a wire brush. I got it for $100 took it back to my place and cleaned it up some more to try to identify it. I found an upside down triangle with what looks to be a degraded C in it on one side and an M on the other. This leads me to believe it is a Columbian Anvil from Cleveland OH. Was it worth the price I paid? Any way to better narrow the manufacture (1905-1925). From what I read these are cast steel anvils and it does have a nice ring. Looking at getting it into shape for knife making, The base does not seem to be level and it rocks (angle grind the high spots?). I see you should rub it with oil but what kind? I saw one youtube video of a guy using motor oil, is that ok?(I'm not going to paint it) Any opinions filing or resurfacing the face? Is that needed? Just want it to be in working order that's all. I like the old look to it and don't want anything that is "crisp and new".
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