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  1. I guess the Simi come was to frosty. Got confused who was who while I was reading the posts. Sorry frosty.
  2. You guys are great. Getting quiet the laugh reading this. Son is not the most coordinated kid in the world, don't plan on letting him mess with power tools at the moment. Will stick with copper until I feel the coordination with the hammer is there. Like the idea of clay. I will look into it. Personally I feel the more responsibility you except from a kid the more he has. Too many parents want to wipe their kids ... Till they are 30, especially around here. One of the reasons for scouting and Working with your hands. DSW I'm just around the corner from Simi, Practically in my back yard. I looked into CBA, also a couple of historical groups have smiths in them, I just wasn't sure how approachable they would be to us. Also very interested in pie plate Dutch oven design we could have some fun with that. thanks again guys.
  3. WOW! Thanks everyone for the input. I plan on him sticking to copper until he develops some skill with a hammer and listening. No machoness here he's working with a little cobblers ball peen hammer for now. We will build the forge when school gets out hopefully by then we will have the proper protection. Once r again thanks for the info!
  4. thanks! Already in scouts, but only a weblo at the moment won't be a tenderfoot (Boy Scout starting rank) until middle to late next school year. Was planing on eye and ear protection, hard to find leather anything in his size. Thanks again, I will post info maybe some local blacksmith will take us under his wing.
  5. 10 year old son is interested in blacksmithing. Right now I have him pounding copper so he can get the feel without 1800 F Iron. Besides the obvious CO and hot iron are there any other things I should be worried about. We plan on building a small "coffee can" propane forge together to start off. thanks in advance for any advice