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  1. Thanks for the tips Charles, especially the hardy tool holder. Been scratchin' my head on what to do about one.
  2. Well got this threw together today. Built this stand with a few tool holders on the side. 4 pieces of solid 1 inch pipe supporting it to make it to right height for me. Smoothed the top and rounded two parts but still needs final smoothing. Still not sure why pics upload sideways. They are straight on my phone.
  3. Would it be better to mount it upright or just flat to give me more workspace?
  4. Yes the ends look to have been cut and Im sure they were. The side facing you in the pic is smooth.
  5. While saving money for a "real" anvil...almost there....I picked this up from a family friend who owns a machine shop. 3 1/2" thick x 7 1/2" x 21 1/2". Weight by Dimension calculator for steel shows 160#. No idea what kind of steel it is. I thought I would get more rebound with it standing the way it is in the pic but it seems my hammer rebounds more with it laying flat. With the 7 1/2" side facing the sky. Any reason this would be? Would the type of steel matter? I was in awe at the "scrap" I was able to pick from.
  6. Thanks arkie! That looks great. Thank you for the idea and pics!
  7. I was thinking about that. I can simply take the bolts loose and the brake drum will unbolt from the plate that holds the drum and airflow pipe together and lift out. I might change that.
  8. Hi guys. My name is Justin. Been interested in blacksmithing a while now. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to come across a great deal on a forge and anvil. Not long after I started tinkering I ended up having to sell my stuff due to losing a job but Im slowly getting back into it. My father and I built a great looking forge last week. Have a big chunk of steel as an anvil at the moment and should have a "real", if you will, anvil within a month. Just wanted to say hi and hope to get to know you and look forward to learning
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