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  1. Adair, thanks for the idea of the compressor. I made one and got the new spring in place in a safe and sane manor. But now even with the spring tensioner completely relaxed the ram barely kisses the bottom die. So I was hoping I could get one more measurement from you. That being between centers of the Pittman and the crosshead pins. I think that is the only adjustment left. Thanks.
  2. Adiar, thanks for the photo. I am not near my machine right now but I will compare it when I get back. It looks like your spring must be the 7 1/2" one since in the picture it looks like 7 1/8" after being compressed when installed. And my old sprig is only 7" uncompressed. So I am inclined to make a clamp to compress the new one and see what happens. Todd
  3. I would appreciate that. If my new spring is the correct length making a spring compressing clamp seems like a wise idea. Like I mentioned I tried bar clamps and it seemed like a good way to get hurt. Let me know, thanks Todd
  4. Thanks for the replies. We have been busy with our first grandchild's birth the last few days. As far as the arms being different lengths, they are the same and I first tried the two bar clamp idea to compress the spring and couldn't get it compressed enough that way so I called Little Giant and they suggested the ratchet strap. Like I mentioned the hammer seems to work okay with the old spring I just wanted to replace it for safety. I actually am not using this hammer and plan on selling it so I'd rather avoid making new parts. I was hoping someone would say, "oh some machines just have a 7" spring" and I could cut the new one down with an abrasive saw. I agree with Beaudry that a longer spring just makes the problem worse because when I tightened the old spring the hammer didn't hit as hard. I am still open to other thoughts. Thanks Todd
  5. I have a 100 pound Little Giant that I am putting back together. I bought a new spring from Little Giant.com and it is 7 1/2” long which they say is for the older machines. The one it replaces is only 7” and I cannot for the life of me get the new one compressed enough to install it. I talked to the folks at Little Giant thinking my machine might be an oddball with a 7” spring but they say it is not. It is a transition machine serial number 865 and it does not have adjustable toggles links. It does have a spring tensioner which is a big tension bolt going through the toggle arm. But even with that backed all the way out I can’t compress the spring enough. They told me to use a large ratchet strap and I did but it was so tight I was afraid it was going to break and hurt me and I still had another 1/2” of compression to go. I also tried a pair of clamps on the toggle arms but couldn’t squeeze enough. So my question is, does anyone have any tips on installing it. Is it normally this hard to do? And since too much spring tension apparently causes problems, it seems like I am already starting with too much tension. With the old spring in place the machine seems to work pretty good so another question is whether there is a small group of machines that use a 7” spring. Thanks in advance for any help. Todd
  6. I've had their 1600 Bandsaw as well for over twenty five years. It is an great machine very simple and instead of having to swing a 20 foot piece of stock to cut a miter the saw swivels. Woo whoo! They are great to deal with. Todd
  7. I teach woodworking and wooden boat building in a Washington state high school. I want to buy a simple propane forge to introduce students to hardening and tempering tools. I would like them to make a plane iron for a wooden plane project that I have them do and perhaps a chisel or marking knife. My only experience of using a forge was in my own 8th grade shop many years ago and I can only barely remember it. I searched online for forges and there were so many choices I don't know where to begin. Can anybody give me some direction on what size and style I should look for. I have a budget of about $400-500 and I want to just buy it, as I have lots of other projects to build that I can better use my time for. And I think my district would be more comfortable if I weren't building something I know little about that students will use. Thanks in advance- Todd Miller.