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  1. Thanks again Neil I just checked out ABANAs website and browsed through those lessons. Those lessons appear to be great for the beginner, with easily understandable instructions and excellent visual examples. Matt
  2. Thanks so much for all of the comments. The responses were exactly what I was looking for. I guess I could have just asked it a little simpler by just stating "What is the class schedule like in an introductory/beginner blacksmithing course." I really am a beginner in the truest sense of the word. I have only fired up my forge a couple of times and heated up a couple of RR Spikes and just kind of flattened them out. That's when I realized I needed actual direction and a starting point with some sort of progression of skills if I really wanted to take this hobby seriously. Atleast for me this is the best way to learn. Start at the beginning with baby steps and move on only when you have achieved a level of confidence on current skill. Otherwise, I've found I get frustrated if I don't start with the basics, because in reality i'm just in over my head and don't have the knowledge/skill base necessary to complete the task at hand. Something like the course Neil took seems to be about right for me at my current skill level. Looks like ill be making some hooks this weekend. Thanks again for all the advice and please keep them coming, Matt
  3. Hi, I wanted to know if you guys could recommend like a set of first forging projects that are aimed at honing your skills and that build upon each other as you progress? Where you learn one basic skill then use that skill and apply it to another project where you learn another skill and so on... Just as an example Simple project aimed at learning skill (A)>>Use skill (A) on project aimed at learning skill ( B ) >>Use skills (A, B ) on a more complicated project aimed at learning skill ( C ), etc...... I'm just trying to find some real skill building exercises instead of just jumping around from one project to another. Thanks in Advance for any Advice Matt
  4. Hi Arkie, Thanks so much for your advice as well as the added pics. You're right there is a pretty good resemblance to your forge at the beginning to mine. Ya... I realized that the 1" angle iron wasn't going to be nearly high enough the first time I poured some lump charcoal on it. Now that I see what yours looks like, I would very much like to add all of the little extras that you have added to yours. Thanks again for the advice. Matt
  5. Here is my first home built forge. It used to be part of a welding table they were throwing out for scrap at work so I drug it home. It's 1/4" steel plate with a brake drum in the middle. I welded 1" angle iron around the perimeter and use black steel pipe with floor flange and a T for my air supply. Also have an old Western Chief Blower but haven't got it on there yet. If you guys have some can think of anything I need or need to change please let me know Thanks
  6. Hi, I've been all over youtube watching videos trying to learn as much as I can since im a beginner. So, I was wondering if this forum had a category or sticky just for videos? I was hoping there was a category for member videos or video tutorials. It would make it much easier to sift thru all of the junk on youtube Thanks so Much. Matt
  7. This is my anvil. It says Babco Oakland Ca it's 50 lbs.. I bought it from a friend for $20.. Can any one share anymore information about it. Thanks.
  8. I got the welding table from work... They threw it out and were going to scrap it, so I took it home. This is what my home made forge looks like so far....
  9. HI, Im Matt from around Southern Illinois. Just trying to get started in Blacksmithing as a hobby. I haven't actually made anything yet. This is the equipment that Ive been collecting for a few months to get started. I have a 6' x 2' welding table and im in the process right now off cutting 2' off the end of it to make a 2' x 2" forge, should be done tomorrow. I recently bought 2 pairs of antique tongs, 2 1/2 lbs ball pein hammer, 3 lbs cross pein hammer at a local antique mall. I have a Western Chief blower but its seized up, that's my next project. I have a 50 lbs anvil that says Babco Oakland on the side that a guy at work gave me. Anyway, im pretty excited to get started.
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