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  1. i just thought it shouldve been harder of an edge with a water quench.1300degrees farenhiet is the temp where the carbon migrates out from the body center cubic atom arrangement and it becomes face center cubic.the carbon gets locked out as the arrangement goes back to body center cubic and thats what makes the steel hard.im not a total dufas and im actually a welder not a smith.my knowledge of carbon steels comes from a welding side of view but thanks for your sarcasm.and ive read "materials and applications" published by the american welding society.
  2. i know about temper.just thought it shouldve been harder after a quench.magnet didnt attract so it was above 1300 degrees.it held up fine chopping wood.maybee i could reheat and quench in the snowbank but i dont want to cool tofast and crack.unless maybee it isnt too high in carbon.like .45% or so.ive done this with other mauls and gotten some much harder at the edge than this one.???
  3. i have a splitting maul welded to a piece of pipe.its been annealed and i reclaimed the egde and then heated the first inch of the edge to what looked bright red, or until it wasnt attracted to a magnet, quenched in warm water and noticed the edge was not all that hard as a slight tap on a piece of soft steel was enough to dull but not chip the edge.would a quench in cold water make it harder or could it be to low in carbon to get much harder.im afraiad to quench again and have it crack.
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