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  1. Mr Mervmaster,

    I would be very interested in acquiring some of your band saw stock. Your pending home purchase time constraints are duly noted.

    I could use about 16 linear feet or more of that stuff. I have about a hundred pounds of .040" x ~1.1" bi-metal, for sawing up to and including superalloys. Very handy stuff. It is great for limited travel springs, fixturing shims, and use your imagination. There is a local company here that has used Pacific Northwest lumber mill blade to to produce knives via stock removal only.

    Please keep me in your thoughts about this, and good luck with all that's new to you.

    Robert Taylor

  2. Welcome back.

    Robert Taylor

    1. Mr Green

      Mr Green

      Hey Robert this is kostas from the omelette factory/ hope to hear from you

  3. I am probably as Grouchy as you are, but like you, I am able to maintain that thin veneer of Decorum and Good Form.

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