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  1. Thanks and you're right. I was wearing a glove so it didnt dawn on me just then. I think I might forge a loop on that end too. It was pretty fun to make, took longer than I thought it would.

  2. Thanks for the advice. That pic was a little misleading, I thought those where grinding wheels too. But when I pulled it down I saw that they were actually the back of the guards. Its a Western Auto Wizard brand with a wire brush and a double conical shaped stone. The motor is a Fairbanks & Morse 1/2 hp 1725 rpm needs a new capacitor. Still a pretty cool find.

  3. Nice score with the chunks of steel. Both should work quite well. I would work on a better method of mounting them though. The half round in particular is going to lose a lot of energy sitting on that piece of wood like that.

    I've always used large stumps but anything solid will do.

    For the slab, you could try a large bucket and pack sand around it. I did that with a piece of railroad track and it worked pretty well.


    Thanks for the advice. This is all just sort of thrown together quickly with what I had on hand.  I might try something like the bucket of sand deal. The half round will definitely need to be a better mount.

  4. Just how big is that hunk of steel? (I'm guessing 2"x12"x36") 


    How much does it weigh? (guessing around 230#)


    Nice looking set-up. I'm a beginner myself really, but I would think it should work pretty well.


    Its actually 2"x9.5"x28" with the cutouts toward the bottom it still weighs right at 130lbs its very solid even has a nice ring to it. Its a lot better than what we had. We are just starting out too and I'm glad I did a little research before I dropped some coin on a "real" anvil. Thanks for the comment, I added a note with the dim's .

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