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  1. Hello All, I am a beginner blacksmith, just got my forge yesterday. I was wondering what to use as a anvil, Since I am a jobless High School student i dont have enough money for a nice anvil. I saw this anvil at harbor freight, Opinions? Any ideas on what else i could consider for an anvil? http://www.harborfreight.com/55-lb-rugged-cast-iron-anvil-69161.html Thanks! -Skylar
  2. If you are able to fine a few proper scientific papers, they each have a bibliography - so you actually already have at least 30 references. And each of them will have perhaps 10. My guess is that with just a couple of hours online, you could have a bibliography of several hundred relevant papers. And don't make the mistake that so many young researchers do today, that you only need to look at the last one or two most recent papers - to really understand the subject - any subject- you have to start with the earliest papers and work your way forward to look at how ideas have changed through t
  3. I dont know what i am into yet, I am thing of just making a simple beginner forge to start of with. Thomas, If you are in TX you are surrounded by fossils, Eocene, cretaceous etc. Alot of amazing ammonites and echinoids come from texas. As far as that rock hammer, I would love to see pics! maybe he could make me one.
  4. Hello Everybody, My name is Skylar i just recently became interested in blacksmithing/forging. I dont have a forge yet but am working to make one. I am also a fossil collector, I have fossils in a few museums and also own some singular fossils from the cretaceous period. I am from North Carolina, I volunteer at Moores Creek national park, and just recently took a workshop on blacksmithing there. Thats the best intro i can give of myself, If you have any questions feel free to ask, I look forward to learning alot on the forum. Thanks, Skylar--
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