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  1. Yea when I first looked at the coal I had I noticed the small layers and figured go with the grain, like cutting a piece of wood. Still some great ideas though.
  2. (Sorry if this would be better on another page or has already been discussed if it has I couldn't find it.) Not to long ago I bought some coal and the smallest pieces are about the size of a football, and the largest are about basketball size. But is there a way ya'll use to break it up effeciently, because my setup now it is laying down a tarp putting my anvil in the middle, and smashing about 20lbs and hour, then taking everything in the tarp and scooping it in a bucket. If anyone has any better ideas on how to go about breaking up coal please let me know. -Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for praying, my grandpa has returned home and is doing a little bit better, doctors say he should hopefully get better over time; but there is still going to be a nurse or someone checking on him and his medicine, thought I'd give everyone an update on how he is doing. Thanks. -Hunter
  4. My grandpa is having a loss of oxygen in his body and can hardly breath. He is currently using an oxygen tank, but this afternoon he had to go to the hospital from where he couldn't breath. He recently turned 70 and is a retired carpenter (because of his heart attack), but he has a list of problems including cancer, a defibilator, eyesight problems, loss of breath, and many many heart surgeries including a triple by-pass heart surgery. Needless to say he aint doing very well and hasn't been for years, and any extra prayer will be very appreciated. His name is Ed Simmons. -Thanks, Hunte
  5. Thank ya'll for all the help, the reason I asked for the whole history of blacksmithing was because my teacher wanted to choose the topics to see how well I would get the information for them. The topics she chose were: how was it used in warfare (asuming a broad spectrum of history), used for artwork, general uses today, and the roles of the blacksmith throughout history. Also 8-10 pages is the mininum requirements for the paper. Thanks for everyones help and websites, I greatly appreciate it; now she told me to find 100 facts for the paper so I have a long quest ahead me. -Hunter
  6. Sorry about that Steve I did this at my school the computers like to mess up the font color I can change it if you would like, but this paper is mandatory to graduate so I am trying to make it the best I can.
  7. Hello Everybody, I am currently a junior at an early college; we were assigned to write an 8-10 page paper about a topic that interests us. I decided to write about the history of Blacksmithing it is something I do not know a lot about so I think it would be fun to learn more. The reason I made this post is because I am looking for any publications, articles, websites etc. that I could use as my resources. At this point i only have about 3 and we are required to have at least 6. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks, Hunter
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