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  1. These type of forges look interesting and I was doodling a variation of a trench style one. Do you all mind looking over it and pointing out any glaring issues that I might be missing? The basic idea is to have the front and back of the trench open in case I need to heat a long piece of material. The tuyer would be a capped piece of black pipe with either holes drilled or a slit cut into it.
  2. Hello all, Just started blacksmithing and so far have a simple firerake/prod finished and a pair of tongs mostly finished (going to add some bends to the reigns and grip to the mouth tomorrow). I'm using a very ghetto set-up at the moment, consisting of a brakedrum & castiron-sewage-pipetee forge and converted-vacuum-blower, but it seems to work well enough (getting to yellow-orange glow so far). I understand that RR spikes generally make inferior blades even with superquenching, but a project I had in mind since starting with smithing was to make a soil knife or "hori hori" like t
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