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  1. Thanks for the link, I tried to search the web before posting to see if I could answer my questions. I'm really interested in a horrizontal forge. Can you help with the linings? What is best to line a 55gal drum with to protect the metal skin and increase heat?
  2. heres the drawing (sorry i'm not too artistic its a metal 55 gallon drum there is a metal baffle to increase efficiency and functionality there is a door in the baffle so long piece could be worked 'L' bracket welded to side to hold pan (evaporator) aprox 3" metal vent pipe on each side bottom metal pipe to provide air from blower i was gonna cut the lid aprox 4in into barrel and bend the ends up to be used as a lid/door when not in use i do not plan to use both the forge and charcoal at the same time, but i may in the future. evaporator is for maple sugar my main question right now are with general design and what to line it with? paint, insulation, refractory cement, brick, clay... hope this helps for you guys to help me! Thanks
  3. Hi all, My next project I want to work on is building a horrizontal forge out of a 55gal metal drum. Let me try to describe: Horrizontal with the 'lids' taken off, metal wall welded halfway to decrease size of forge, half forge/half charcoal maker and evaporator. Able to work on long pieces through 'door' cut into metal wall. Vent pipe on top with blower pipe coming into bottom. Do you think this would work/ any suggestions? What should I line the barrel with to protect it as well as insulate? I've read several threads about linings but I think I'm more confused now after reading them. Trying to remain as low cost as possible
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