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  1. Yep, from Kirklin. I ran as fast as I could to grab it when I was told it was still there! I may just use the "tank" as a convienient tool holder for now. I also plan on using a single layer of brick to line it and only put castable refractory around the pot so I can match the profile into the pot. I have been reading up on the "curing" of castable and it does look like it needs some TLC if you want it done right. I like the idea of a blast gate for air control and a switch for the motor. Seems like the motor would be more effecient that way. Also may look into making a side draft hood in place of the sheet metal one on it now. I am having lots of fun reading online but I am spending WAY too much time late at night doing it at the cost of sleep. Oh well.
  2. Thanks for the reply Brian. I picked up some castable refractory at Menards,seemed good enough for this use, and it was 16 bucks for 25lb bucket of mix. Meecos Red Devil and the MSDS says trade name is KS-4 Plus. Problem is I need warmer temps to mix and cure it than the 20's we are seeing right now. Gonna be tough to wait for warmer temps!
  3. My son and I just found our first forge after months of searching. :D Craigslist to the rescue! Only had to pay $250 for the whole thing! I was very happy to find this complete setup in what I think is great condition as there are no cracks or rust through, and the blower system runs! My next step is to effect repairs and get this working. My son is really interested in blacksmithing and knife making so now we start on a new hobby together. Now the questions: 1) The firepot used to have a surrounding material that brought the table level with the pot and also matched the slope into the tapered sides into the fire area. What do I use to build this up again. I hope the photos will help see what I mean. Something needs to be there as the edges of the pot are 1 to 2 inched higher than the table. 2) Do I need to do the entire table surface or just a surround of the pot, then level the rest with a firebrick/sand(or nothing) ? I would think the entire surface should be essentially flat and level to make moving coal into the pot easier. 3) What is the original purpose of the accessory bin that hangs on the side of the forge table? Was it to hold more coal, or as a quenchant/water trough, or tool holder? I keep browsing this site and others for tips but these little setup things are eluding me right now. I am sure other questions will arise over time but I will start small right now. Thanks for any assistance. Rex and Derek
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