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  1. Hi Frosty No idea what we will do with it at this stage. We do plan to have a vintage foundry display at some time. Looking for some pics to guide me on layout etc. The two holes leading through the trunnions are intriguing as they would stop it pressurising. Cannot find anything similar on Google.
  2. Hi Folks We have just aquired a cast iron cauldron and have no idea of it's original use or age. All thoughts most welcome. Mobile phone in 1 pic to show size. Note grooves each side leading to holes through pivots. Multiple holes around rim suggest it may have had some sort of lid? Thanks Brian Buzzacott name on side would suggest Australian make.
  3. Hi Folks I have been asked to help identify an old tool which looks blacksmith made and could possibly be related to crimping a sleeve on wire rope. I would welcome any suggestions. Many Thanks Brian Taylor hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum Queensland Australia
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