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  1. Same same, diffrent forum:) I have a thread about this hammer.
  2. I made dies for my Anyang whith an angelgrinder a coordinatetable and a drillpress. Theres a description of how i did it at the swedish Antracit forum. I gues you have to google translate it and you need to register to se pictures.
  3. I would say that the iron thorshammars are by far the most common, not ment as jewelary but as graveofferings. They are found on iron rings so caled Torshammarring whith offten more than one hammer. They are mostly quite clumsely made. Robin
  4. Sorry, i missunderstood you, the word linkage made me think of those scary arms flying around, dont know why. English is not my first language. And yes, you are right about the banana.
  5. Isn´t Blackers those crasy looking hammers that uses a regular anvil? in that case there are no simmilaritys. Oh and i forgot to tell that the flwheel and crank is also missing in the foto, its located in the whindov at the bottom.
  6. I recently bought i really nice hammer on the Swedish equivalent to ebay (blocket.se) the price was even nicer 3000kr about 400USD. The hammer is in very good condition. The hammer head (missing in picture) weights about 48kgs. There are control wheels for stroke length and for the height of the hammer head. The hammer looks like a marriage between a Bacho and a Klafrestöm, both Swedish. There is no brand names on the hammer. Does any of you know what kind it is? Robin
  7. Do you realy have to use the original exhaust behind the flywheel to put a hose/pipe/mufler? there are two inspectionlids, one one each side of the hammer, why not use one of these and plug the original exhaust. Robin
  8. The selfcontained will of course continue to be a selfcontain whatever valving I put to it, I don't expect it to become a steamhammer. I think its possible to make the hammer do single blows, but maybe it isn't worth the trouble. Thou I
  9. Once more, we are talking of the device described in fig 20. In the text it says that the way to make a single blow is to go quickly from holding up mode (fig17) to working mode (fig 16) and back again, and to do this within a working cycle. The device -as I understand it- helps you to press the lever at the right time, so to speak. And when the right time is, is censored by the adjustable screw no21 ( fig 20) who reads the position of the pumping piston. Since it is as you say Frosty “a strictly master-slave system” I would argue that in a way a sensor is reading where the tup is, even if
  10. In an other thred the 1902 Massey patent were mentioned. I
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