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    My sons Jake and Randy, being a father that can pass on usefull skillsets to them such as leather working and smithing as I aquire it. my boys already love wrenching on my Old Shovel with me so they will love that as they get older if not they will have the memories of it, so its a win win there. I also have airbrushed. and last but most certainly not least my loving wife who stands at my side in all my ventures to gain a new skill...cant wait to plant the new garden this spring.
  1. I recently acquired a Vulcan #15 its in rough shape on the edges, but the horn and what remains of the face is very decent so I am pleased with it. I contemplated repairing the edges by MIG welding them building them back up an inch at a time but..from what I've read its just better off to round off what it has and forge on..anyway been a long time since ive been here and just wanted to drop a quick line..Oh the cost of acquiring the #15 was a dirt bike stand so im very happy..
  2. sanch

    Started new build.

    UPDATE...shelf/porch and rear hatch in place next will be rear opening and burner no mind to broken brick on porch i have spares!!. ..
  3. sanch

    One stop shop.

    +10 dodge hi temp good ppl!
  4. sanch

    Started new build.

    thanks again for the kind words!
  5. sanch

    Started new build.

    there are a few choice words I would like to use but this is a family forum! PINK is one of my favorite colors! save the tatas pink for instance! also there is another "pink" Im particularly fond of ;) but alas I think im already tiptoeing on the edge! any way the forge will be FLAT BLACK when its all said and done ! thanks for the kind words all!
  6. Well I finally got started on my little gasser today, Im pretty excited about it. I was able to test out my burner also (although I didnt get any pix of it) I was pretty pleased about getting the forge body 60% of the way fabbed up feels good to be working on something again! here is a quick pic if the lil forge yea its pink for now! the pic was taken right as it started to rain....
  7. i love it I was tired of seeing all the RR spikes just mangled mostly seen on ebay LOL any way it looks great and functional, this is the cleaver everyone was chatting about the last knife chat very nice sir may just have to "borrow" your idea if its ok B) I got plenty of saw blade steel which I believe to be either L6 or 15n20...
  8. yesiree, the firepot will be lined with 1 1/2" of potters clay that I had left over from my pottery days.....the "grate" is 3/8" ss rod..the firepot is the top half of an "ONION" aircompressor tank.
  9. ok so I am truckin right along on my solid fuel forge build, I got the table all welded up and was welding my "firepot" got the tuyere al welded up the ash dump in place...and bazoweee!!!! RAN OUTTA WELDING WIRE! can you believe it and its beautiful outside man the luck of it! anyway here are some progress pix. Its all scrap steel I had laying around so free to me.....any comments are welcome. the firepot will be lined with potters clay to prolong the life of it its very thin....
  10. glad to have joined the forum and have updated my profile.