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    Metal and wood working, fathering a toddler, husbanding a wifey and not necessarily in that order

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  1. God bless!! I pray all goes well.

  2. JackofTrades

    2013 02 22 16 29 59 277

    upper body strength anyone?
  3. JackofTrades

    Buffalo Forge pic1

    i wanted to turn it to take a better photo and it didnt budge
  4. JackofTrades

    Buffalo Forge pic1

    Found this at work, anyone know much about this type of forge?
  5. JackofTrades


    thanks for the tip, ill try it on a sample
  6. For me personally, it was a underlying life long ambition. Perhaps just starting to be realized but never the less there. I don't see it dying anytime soon... least of all when the passion is passed on.
  7. JackofTrades


    peeps tell me i should have used zinc plated
  8. JackofTrades


    4 in 1 14 ga. galv fencing wire Completed (I need someone to model, other than myself :D)
  9. JackofTrades


    Still under construction. 4 in 1 14 ga. galv fencing wire
  10. JackofTrades

    Coiling Jig2

    Designed specifically for 3/8 rod with 14 ga. wire.
  11. JackofTrades

    Coiling Jig1

    I constructed this jig to help me coil my wire for ring making.