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  1. Not sure if any body is still interested in this discussion but I ran across this Whitworth quick return mechanism that I thought would be an excellent way to power this style of hammer. I have studied both hammer types shown in this thread and believe this could work on both types of hammers to power them the very first mechanism in the video is the variation I would use. I do not have the program to draw this. If you mount the mechanism with the small red arm down and mount the yellow arm in line with the back on a brace mounted between the anvil and the back post and connect the green slide
  2. Hey I live close by in Catonsville and have a bunch of stuff you can have for free message me.
  3. jhicks2013

    20130921 093417

    My buddy posted it from somewhere not sure where but it's definitely awesome.
  4. jhicks2013


    I would have used my Metal Lufkin folding ruler but you wouldn't be able to read the numbers.
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  6. jhicks2013


    Here is my new bise sold the old one to my buddy and bought this vise.
  7. jhicks2013

    20131219 204038

    here is a turner brass torch it runs on kerosene
  8. I think when I go to paint I will use high gloss black with red detail lines
  9. i just got my first drill press'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> i just got my first drill press
  10. jhicks2013


    I cant locate any thing on it that reveals the manufacture it looks like a Canedy Otto but I cant tell for sure there are no letters or stamps of any kind anwhere
  11. jhicks2013


    Overall height is 54 inches she needs a good cleaning but every thing works .One day i will have to redo the threads on the head feed screw it looks as thought the threads are coming un brazed so I will have to make new threads .
  12. jhicks2013


    the counterweight wheel is 16 inches in diameter
  13. jhicks2013

    drill 1

    here is the main gears
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