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  1. that really seems to be the answer - yesterday I found that the measurements were perfect to weld a piece of receiver hitch tubing on the stand under the Hossfeld, and when I slide a long piece of tubing into the receiver it ends up the exact height of my 4x8 work tables. I found it easy to secure that tubing to the table and can then place the Hossfeld any distance from or in relation to the table. I could also mount a receiver to the 6x6's if that proves workable. it's below freezing out there today buy may try a bend to see if it works. I don't do commercial work, just spend time on metal sculpture ideas, so wouldn't have as strong a need to take the bender on my truck or tractor, but can see how easy that would be very possible. thanks very much. That sounds like the way to go if possible - I've been reading a long discussion about this on the pirate4x4 site and it seems like there are lots of possibilities, and also lots to learn if you want to get it right without going with the factory setup. so will take it slow at this point. I've got several cylinders laying around that I've picked up over time so when it gets warmer may experiment a bit with the Prince pump idea - could really use a hydraulic top link on my tractor and if there would be a way to use the hardware for both purposes it would be ideal.
  2. that's a great idea with lots of possibilities in my shop - much more practical than the idea I started with today! sure would be a much more manageable price than any package I've seen so far - would it have sufficient power? here are the specs I see on the web site (I assume you mean the electric one); Motor 15 Amp, 110V Cycle Time (sec.) 9 forward, 5 return Oil Reservoir (gal.) 0.6 Ram Force (Tons) 5 Max. Log Size L x W (in.) 20 1/2 x 10
  3. thanks for the quick and useful comments - much appreciated. KRS - one reason I'm hoping to use hydraulics is because I would prefer not to bolt it to the floor if possible - if I were going to use it regularly I would do that but have almost everything in my shop on casters so I can switch easily between projects. One thought I've had is to find a way to temporarily fasten it to one of the 6x6 wood posts that support the roof - they have 12' clearance all around (if I make room) - has anyone tried that? If I can find a way to us it manually without bolting to the floor and avoid the expense of hydraulics that would be great. Thought I would try one idea so cut some steel today to frame the stand at the bottom and extend it to and around a post and will try to fashion something to stabilize the top tomorrow and see what happens. Jeremy K - The quote I got for the hydraulic kit from Hassfeld directly was over $3k so will have to pass on that option. Jim Coke - I think I'll wait until I get some experience with the Hassfeld first...but good to know there are some other options that might make it easier for a novice. thanks. another thought I had was to somehow use the hydraulics on my tractor - I've been planning on getting a hydraulic top link cylinder and wonder if I could just remove that and use it on the bender when needed? I could run it directly with long hydraulic hoses from the tractor. Or, I have a Prince PTO pump with it's own hydraulic tank that could be plumbed to the cylinder when mounted on the Hassfeld. Has anyone tried that? thanks again for the help.... bryan
  4. I just got a used Hossfeld #2 bender at auction and would like advice on converting to hydraulic power. It already has the base plates and I've found plans online for the pieces I'm missing but need info on the cylinder and pump to use. I'm not a rich guy so $ are important, and the bender will get infrequent use so speed in bending isn't important either - but will be bending 1 1/2 to 2" tubing and not sure I want to try it manually. So if anyone can suggest the best cylinder and pump combination, specs, sources or related advice it would be very much appreciated. Also, if anyone has something for sale that could work please let me know details and price. thanks.....
  5. thanks for the kind comments and encouragement - very much appreciated. NJANVILMAN, as I was putting the pieces together I left functional bearings in the wheels, steering and pedals - but it was just too heavy and unstable to keep it that way....also would be hard to display and even harder to ride (would need to be at least 8' tall!) so I just welded it solid. now, the only thing that moves is that little container behind the seat - the door opens. BIGGUNDOCTOR, it's Fairfield, Iowa. bryan
  6. I just completed my first project working with metal, welding and sculpture - a big bike. It's made of scrap metal, car and agricultural implement parts - it's about 10' long, 5' high and weighs 700lbs including the base and took 6 months to complete...lots of fun and lots of learning! here's a video a friend just posted on youtube if you have an interest....
  7. here's a video a friend just posted on youtube showing a big bike I just completed - it's my first attempt at metal work and sculpture (and welding), is about 10' long, 5' tall and weighs 700lbs including the base. I spent a little over 6 months on it - made entirely of scrap metal and antique agricultural implement parts.....lots of fun and lots of learning! This video has been removed by the user.
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