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  1. I have found when welding, us a small hammer and a rapid motion as you turn the cable making a round solid rod. This is how i use my hammer and have found it works better then making a billet right away. I also like to heat to welding temps to form into a billet to insure good welds.
    Hope this helps
    Eric Knight

  2. The first the Extreme hunter
    handle: rose wood, white spacer, brass tubing, walnut plug in tubing(makes a cross in the handle)
    Steel: 1095
    Style: gut hook, compound grind with saw on back bone.
    p.s. I have one for myself and the saw works wonders on gutting a deer (opening the chests and pelvis)

    Second is a Skinner
    Handle: micarta bolster, white spacer, leather, dried out horn torched and stained, leather landyard weave
    Steel: 1095





  3. The top is for my brother who grad. in June with a bachelor in Architecture.
    There is a saw on the top and a gut hook. The blade slightly recessed to aid in cutting and the front is for skinning. The bottom Knife is one that I just finish that I put square pins in. There is a kydex spacer and maple on the front.
    Thanks for looking


  4. I also had this problem, I found that the scale were getting pounded in, I now use water on my anvil and hammer. The water on the hot spike make the scale pop right off and make for a cleaner forge.

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