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  1. Hey guys Thanks for all of the info. Iam going to look into it this weekend and get back on here with my findings.
  2. Hey I Forge Iron My first post here Ive been hanging around here for a few months well getting my tools (anvil, Forge, Post leg vice) together. This is still I believe to this is the greatest tool I've found yet. Little bit about me: I am a 21 year old Renovator 3.5 years in my craft. Also woodworking is my passion in life. learning about the old ways of wood working and tool making has led me to black smithing. love it haven't made any thing to wright home about YET. Till today I made a one of those Mini forging press you know the one that's been posted here a few times. I am in Ontario Canada Just out side the G.T.A so we have princess auto instead of Harbor Fright most of the same stuff different badge. That s where I got my 20 ton hydraulic jack and the little flux core welder I used to weld the thing together. So when I came around to thinking about building this press instead of kidding my self about having the skill and equipment to weld this together I knew I had to use bolts every where I could so this weekend I started to bang this thing out. So when I ran out of welding wire I decided to just bolt the top section to the base sit the jack in and test it out. kinda expecting my welds to break. I stool behind my steel shop door and let her have it. I mean I just gave her for about minute once the top and bottom anvil bottomed out. Then she made a bang I waited a few mins to check on it, released the pressure of the jack and noticed my welds were in fact fine but it was one of the grade 8 bolts that i have installed to attach the top to the base had sheered right off and flew about 2 feet away. Glad I practiced safe pressing. So as you can see in my pictures That there is a gap between the base side and upright where the bolt broke also there was no bolt shank in the ?? Lets call it shear zone ?? just before where the nut goes bottoms out. Might be answering my own question here bit it I put a piece of 1/4 in plate in the gap drill it out ,find the right size shankned bolt (If they even make 2 1/2" shanked 1/2' grade 8 bolts) and then weld it together dose it look to be a solid right to forge with? Hope this makes scene. I got to say everyone on this forum rocks I don't think I would be as far along as I am now if it wasn't for all you great people out there. Thanks Adam Thorpe