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  1. So I went back for a visit. She gave me a torch and cart for it to include 3/4 full tanks, a dewalt 18v drill with 2 batteries and charger, and a hand full of punches, old files and a 1.5# crosspien that just needs a new handle. She's already asked me to come back as she didn't have any sons and doesn't want her daughters to have to deal with it. The old shop has been there for nearly 100 yrs. It has farming tools going back about that far. At some point I'll get his stick welder, drill press and the other vise along with misc hand tools.. She really is a sweetheart. I tried to
  2. I was helping my aunt around her place this Saturday. She was my favorite uncles wife. He was my dad's brother. They both passed away a few years ago. Grandpa was a farmer, my uncle took over the operation to include the "Home place". She was telling me that she had no idea what to do with everything he left behind and no one in the family wanted any of it. Long story short, She went with me to look through my Grandpa's shop. He had 2 4" Colombian post vises and a 60 lb Peter Wright anvil. I asked to buy them but she didn't want anything for it. She said that I'm the first to show any int
  3. I was wanting to make a lazy susan in the center. The hole is abt 9 inches. Making the revolving table is a neat idea but my be outside my abilities. I was trying to come up with a good material to make it a tripod but keep it consistent with the gear theme. Still working in it, im also still listening to ideas.
  4. It has a bit of loose rust but the weather has been crappy and the shop is full. I'll scrape the big stuff off, then hit it with a scrub pad. I think clear coat is the best idea. I'm still not sure on the legs. I'll need to wife to make her wishes known first. Thanks for all the replies. I had a thought on the legs. There was some i-beam sections and there was a 20 stick of 2" solid round stock. Any thoughts on the leg material or design? The wife just wants it to be "regular table height". I'm not tied into any particular material just yet. I'll listen to most any idea. Start spit balling
  5. I was able to go through a picked over old welding/blacksmith shop over the weekend. It was badly picked over. The only really good things were 2 forges( neither was really serviceable without a lot of work) and a 400 lb anvil that was not for sale. I was able to poke around and got a big double handful of punches and files. I was able to get an old sprocket about 4 feet across and 2 stands to set it on. I'm wanting to make a table for the wife to sit outdoors by her firepit. Is there a way to show the original patina and preserve it at the same time? I'm really wanting to avoid painting it if
  6. Picked her up today. Can you believe she tried to talk me down? After it was loaded and I had paid her, She asked if I was sure that $100 wasn't too much? Then she gave me the stump it was sitting on. Good people. I'm gonna have to make her something nice for her garden now. The Fisher is in the garage now. Heavy sucker.I'll try to grab a few pics later this week.
  7. As it turns out, it belongs to his wife. It was her dads from somewhere in PA. They moved it down here 40 yrs ago. She said to make an offer, I offered $100 but was prepared to go as high as $200. She took it but said I had to make something for her. Nothing in particular, just something.. I can see how some of you guys end up with several anvils. Some deals are too good to pass up. Thanks for the all the info.
  8. Just because he wants it doesn't mean it's for sale:-)
  9. I got REALLY lucky on the A&H. I even tried to pay the old guy more for it. He said he just wanted someone to use it. Said too many of them are sold as scrap these days. I'll start at $100. He's not given me a price at all yet. I guess he wants me to buy it and sell it too. Funny, I told a buddy of mine about it and now he wants to buy my A&H. Not sure I'm ready to sell her. Thanks guys
  10. Thanks guys for all the information. Based on the fisher catalog posted in this forum, I'm guessing its 250-275 lbs. My last anvil was an arm and hammer that sat in a barn of x number of yrs and was rusty but in great condition, I paid $50 for it at 98 lbs. He knows what I paid for that one. He also knows I don't really need it. Plus it's seen some use/possible abuse.I'll try $100 just to see how much he really wants to sell it. Thanks again for all the replies. Lots of good info.
  11. NC weight unknown at this time. He said at least a couple hundred lbs but I can't confirm anything. I'm hoping it saying Fisher and 1936 would give some clues.
  12. A guy I work with recently asked me if I want to buy his anvil. He has it sitting on his porch on a stump as a decoration. I've seen pics and it isn't in bad shape. The edges are a little chipped but over all in decent shape. It's a Fisher. Measurements are 30" long x 5" wide x 13" tall. It has a hardy hole and a prichel(sp) hole. Has 1936 on it. I haven't seen it personally yet just some cell phone pics. I'm wondering of a basic value. He's left pricing it up to me and I want to be fair. Any ideas on the value on it?
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