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  1. Thanks all for the help so far, what I need to do is get back to my association president and try to determine the actual design/size. Also, you all have given me a lot of leads that I need to investigate and quit trying to recreate the wheel. Does anybody roughly know what the range of costs might be on 100 lb block vrs a larger one? Thanks again, you all have saved me a lot of time. regards, jh
  2. I am trying to find a foundry that will pour cast iron swage blocks. Preferably this foundry has some molds already that we can pick from. I am with the Blacksmiths Association of Missouri (BAM) and would like to source and inform our members as to the cost so that we can determine quantity and put an order in. I think the size of the blocks would be roughly 10" tall x 18" wide x 24" long and weigh 100 pounds plus. Thanks for any feedback. JH P.S. - Is this the right way to approach this or am I missing something.
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