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  1. Thanks for the info M.C. I'll give it a try.
  2. I found this buried under a bunch of stuff under my basement stairs (I forgot where it was).It's a Berkroy slip roll bender in great working condition.I was curious if another Tinknocker like myself could tell me anything about it such as age,etc.
  3. I no longer have any use for this anvil that is why I was wondering it's value.I'm looking to sell it along with some other vintage sheet metal tools.
  4. I have an anvil with the Lakeside foundry mark located on the side of the anvil with the horn facing right.The base measures 9 1/4" X 7 5/8" and has an hourglass indentation on the bottom.On the bottom of the base under the horn on the right side is the #80 and starting from the middle it reads A143721.I was wondering how old it is and how much it weighs also it's worth.
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