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  1. thanks, I had an old book ( Firearms Traps and Tools of the Mountain Men ) with drawings of old hawk heads. I traced a bunch of them through plexiglass and from that I made a insperation board that I use I miss spoke about the description of one of these, the third and fourth pic from the left are of the yellow handled hawk it was scabed together from a leaf spring and a hatchet blade, so it wasnt such a bad hawk
  2. heres some i made a while back before i knew to put a high carbon bit in them
  3. this was made from a cultivating disk, i use a dimmer switch and a leaf blower and burn coke in it.
  4. I was wondering if you could use high pressure pipe as a linner and forge weld the bands together making sure the wall thickness was twice that of the bore also forgewelding and pining and capping the breech.If that might be safe and meet safety guidlines.? any thoghts?