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  1. Its sitting right on 110# Looks a bit better cleaned up!
  2. After more cleaning, it's obvious the lugs have been welded on. If it is indeed a standard blacksmiths anvil, the dimensions don't match anything in their book as far as weight goes other than the farriers plain horn but it really doesn't follow any of the rules of a farriers either. So I guess I just have an odd ball size. I'll put it on the scale to find out exactly what it weighs.
  3. Yeah the dimensions point it toward a farriers plain horn anvil according to their little book somebody posted on here. I wasn't sure the lugs where original or not but they look too nice not to be factory. I was wondering if maybe if it was sent back to H-B to be added and that was the reason for the new serial number?? It's definetly not like one I have seen, not that that means anything, but its just odd with the dual serial numbers and lugs.
  4. Picked up another Hey Budden tonight. Traded a little Lincoln Weld Pak 100 setup for flux core only. I was hoping somebody could tell me a little bit more about it. It's in pretty good shape and I thought the lugs would come in handy for shaping things. The numbers on it looks like 153817 with a 136712 stamped on top of it. Anyway, here are some pics and thanks for any info you guys can provide.
  5. He has it bolted to the floor from the looks of it.
  6. 165908 is my serial number. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks! I'll look into it. Haven't had much of a chance to play with it. Got a new job on Nov 5th, buying my first house in December, had to put a motor in my wife's van last weekend, had to put plugs in my bike and now I have to change the fork seals in it too! Luckily for me, my new job is a 4 10 schedule and I'm off every Friday. Not that anybody cares lol
  8. Thanks for all the compliments guys! I'm pretty excited about it! As for the base, I have a big stump of oak I want to set it on. The stump is a little big but I think it will work out ok.
  9. Well finally got me one. My dad actually bought it for me for helping him around the house and helping him put his shop up. It's around 100 lbs but I need to weigh it to find its exact weight. Anyway, here it is. It is in awesome shape! My dad ha it blasted and painted the sides for me. Said I could strip it off if I wanted. He paid 425 or 450 for it at an auction today. I told him not to spend that much money on it but I'm glad he didn't listen!!!
  10. Here is mine. No hardy hole yet. I've drilled the hole for the start of one though.
  11. I planned on just keeping this one simple since its my first. I would like to make one like that though. And I may still do it depending on how stable this one once mounted.
  12. Well almost done. Didn't turn out like the picture but close enough. I still need to find something to lash it with. Well what do you think for my second project? I do have a question about my work though. On my steak turner, the loop in the handle turned out pretty good without much scale. The flower pot on the other hand, where I drew down and made the scrolls, the metal looks like it was rusty and I wire wheeled it. Now, I have no idea what kind of metal it is. It's actually a recycled plant hanger that stuck in the ground at one time. But it was nice and clean and just from the heat
  13. Well it sold for 250 but it was a little beat up for that money. Too much paint to see a brand on it. Got another auction in November with a 100lb Hay-Budden. Maybe third times a charm lol
  14. These are estate auctions and not held at an auction house. I'm sure they may not mind but some of these people are no longer living so out of respect to their family, I try not show up at places like that until auction day.
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