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  1. cvmikeray...Good idea for the VFD. It has a cone clutch on it but I suppose it would burn up if I slipped it too much.
  2. []Thanks so far.....I've had this machine for a while and used very little. I've been a little narrow minded as far as it's other uses... I was thinking of parting with it but now I'm not so sure. I've been playing with shaping sheet metal for a little while now, mostly cars stuff, and this may have some potential. Of course if the right offer is made....it may still go! Any ideas what she may be worth? The company is still in business (Guillemin) in France but thier web site is in French...me no speak wee wee! Lol.... anyway, I contacted them for possible more info. Looks to be one of thier
  3. Guys I have a machine just like this but it's a French? machine....Progres 50B Guillemin Dijon. It is a iron rivet hammer. The spinning top die creates a uniform mushroom on the back (pin) side of the iron rivet. Some great ideas here as far as die swapping/usage.
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