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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your replies< been very helpful. @ Randy its metric round bar, about 1 inch imperial by 4 inches, not big, but i live in the uk and its not so easy to come by here, (well it wasnt until i started my new job umm i was thinking of forging and or machining some repousse punches with it, but after reading the other thread i dont know if it will be suitable, so i might just have a bit of a play, perhaps see if i can make a damascus billet, and if so some jewellery if the pattern looks nice. ive used some rolling mill tongs made from it before, so i might make a pair of small tongs when i get some more, who knows... Please do not use odd fonts makes it hard to read. Some people have to enlarge the screens to read normal size.
  2. HI there, ive scored a wee bit of titanium from a scrap pile, anyone out there have any hints on forging it? cheers heaps ned willett.
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