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  1. Hi, Probably it is a bit late to tell my story, but anyway it has a happy end. I bought Anyang c41-40 directly from factory in 2011. Everything went smoothly, Chinese salesman was professional. I made a concrete foundation twice as big as factory instructions tells; with 50mm gap between foundation and workshop floor. The gap is filled with styrofoam and closed with steel, no vibrations transmitted around workshop. I fixed the powerhammer to the foundation with Hilti epoxy anchors, much more simple than sticking anchors into fresh concrete. There is one downside when you buy directly from China - maintenance - you are on your own. And be sure to check every screw before first run. After four years of use, I'm very satisfied with it.
  2. Hi everybody, this my first post to this forum. About anyang c41-40. I own it for a few months now. Bought directly from factory, because there is no dealer in my country. Before first run, I checked all the bolts, cleared the interior from oil/sand/bits of iron, installed the missing grease zerks and greased, filled the oil pump. It runs regularly since then. It has a really powerful strike, and it also very controllable at the same time. I'm really glad, that I made 1m x 2m x 1m concrete foundation instead of 0,8m x 1,4m x 0,6m recommended by factory. Some questions about lubricating appeared after this months. What kind of oil should be used? Right now I fill it with 68 viscosity grade oil for slideways. What can be done, to prevent oil dropping from the tup and burning on the hot steel? Sometimes oil mist can be smelled, sometimes from the tup and other times from the back side, where there is an opening to the interior. I wonder is that a result of wrong oil or just annoying feature of the air-hammer? Matej