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  1. okay thanks guys. by the way what color should i look for for welding?
  2. i use a coal forge and my anvil is close to the forge but i dont preheat it. i work outside in the sunlight most of the time.
  3. im using old bandsaw blades and bike chains for the metal and cheep wal-mart 20 mule team borax. i got the steel to a almost yellow color. i also used alot of flux, but when i hit it all just kinda fell apart. i was using a 32oz ball pein hammer. so hope that helps. thanks guys.
  4. i have been having some trouble with making damascus im not sure if its the flux im using or what. i curently use a cheap wal-mart brand of borax. i dont know if this is the problem or what. i have heard of using beach sand for flux. let me know what i need to do differant thanks guys.
  5. with the ''scrap-mascus'' that dave said, will it still have the same strangth as other damascus?
  6. any time i cut or brake off o peice of tool steel or high carbon steel i keep it so that i can reform it. i want to melt my scraps down to form new more workable barse for knife making. i have looked into making tamahagene but i think it would cost more than i can aford. i have been looking into geting a crusible but im not sure how it would work. please help me out. thanks
  7. i started to grow a beard as soon as i learnd how to weld. i guess back then i thought it made me look tough or somthing. i ended up liking it so i keept it. i do change it up now and then depending on my mood.
  8. i have thought about using mild steel but was worried about rust. so you say that the oil and movment keeps it cleen. what about coloring on the fingers and stuff?
  9. hey thanks guys this helps alot. and to Rich Hale, i dont do alot of ss knives, i want to forge the ss into rings and other julery and ordimental obgects.
  10. is there a certain way to forge stainless steel? certain tools, forge, fuels whatever. or is it the same as other steel. i have a coal forge. do i need to get a gas forge to do it? let me know thanks.
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