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  1. Well yea I guess so. I just want somthin for hawks and maybe and ax to. Im gonna try a lot of things. My great great gradfather was a blacksmith and I got all his stuff, well whats left of it. My grandfather says he can show me some things that his dad taught him years and years a go. Thanks.
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    I need some tongs and I dont have the money to buy any right now. What is the best material to make them out of. I have some mild round bar about the size of a sharpie marker. I gonna try and forge some. I know this will be a task for me because I am just starting but Im not going for looks I just need a pair that work to get me started. Thanks.
  3. I am wanting one to make hawks and such with. I have some of the old lineup bars and punches that have good tapers on them but they are not big enough. Where could I get my hands on one of the these casings. Thanks.
  4. Where is the best place to buy mandrels for a good price. Just starting out and dont have a lot of money to spend right now. I will take suggestions on maybe some hommade one if anyone here has made some. Thanks, Travis Cain.
  5. I tried to send you a personal message but it would not let me. Thanks for the good info.
  6. Well I'm about six foot one and weight about 240 and I can lift my share of weight, but I think I will take everyones advice and start out with a 2 and a half punder or so. I think this will help me get in the swing of things. I swing all kinds of hammers at work and Im in good swing shape but I will just take advice from people that do this. Thanks for the good advice and help I will try and posrt some pics soon, Im gonna try to get started this weekend. Thanks.
  7. I am just starting to blacksmith. I will mostly be doing knifes out of railroad spkies and some bar stock knifes. I was wonder what hammer or hammers would be the best for me starting out with these knifes, what style and weight. Thanks, Travis Cain
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