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  1. Moony, I like the idea, that's what I'm looking for. I do use a stool for little short stuff, and a 4x4 x12" wood block that I rest my heel on while standing . Any photos or sketches of the linkage , Moony would be appreciated.
  2. Basher, thanks for the idea, I'll try to make the bail adjustment. Forgemaster, that would be great if you can find the converstion link with Grant. I have a foggy idea about using a bass drum pedal mounted to a plate with a chain drive/cam arraingement. The most awkward movement for me is to push down on the treadle while working from the end of the die. Many thanks for the swift replies. Ragnar
  3. Hi, Has anyone devised or seen a reference to a linkage that allows a self contained power hammer treadle to be operated from a pedal that is mounted on the floor or machine base. Just trying to avoid the one-leged stork stance,.............been doing it for 10 years on a Sahinler hammer. Thanks, Ragnar
  4. The Double Jeopardy round; " Alex, I'd like Show Tunes for $ 200.00 please" Best, Ragnar