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  1. One of my regulators is a harris and says “FUEL REGULATOR,” the second is a no-name-brand and says “Acetylene Regulator.” the first one’s set of hoses says “Acetylene only” and the others hoses say “grade T fuel use.” so I guess I can mix and match.
  2. Thanks, that’s an interesting idea. Although my lathe is old, I’m pretty sure it’s ball bearing, so that might work. I’ve been busy with school, and haven’t been able to do much with lately. Hopefully I will get some time to work on it soon.
  3. I ended up just cleaning it out and filling it with the lowest weight nd oil I had on hand, which I thought was ok because its been around 100 deg most days and the lathe doesn’t get much work. but as winter comes on I should start looking for something better, so thanks for reminding me. Mike willman
  4. Ok, thanks everyone. Alfonso, already cleaned out the apron it had no oil in it and was full of sawdust as it was used as a wood lathe in it previous life. There is also a drain plug and a zerk on the headstock. There’s a zerk for the back gear too.
  5. Here’s a pic, just be glad you cant smell it I heard to try cleaning it out with kerosine but all I have on hand is mineral spirits and acetone can I use ether of those? Also for now I’m going to use 10W30 oil till I hear something else
  6. It’s a logan model 2557 v if that helps at all.
  7. I just got an old logan lathe. when I opened up the headstock the grease was all nasty and dried up, my first thought was to wash it out with gas and put new grease in, is this the way to go about it or not? Also what should I use for grease? The only way to grease it is through a grease zerk( unless you take it a part like I did) but it also has a oil drain plug on the side. Thanks in advance, mike W.
  8. I’ve never had the yellow stuff come out again. when I drain it now, just water comes out.
  9. I used copper and yeah it’s worked fine for nearly a year now. used it to sandblast a 15 passenger van’s roof and then paint it. On a side note the guy ended up giving me $100 back when he found out it didn’t work, so I actually got it for $150 but I spent something like $40 getting it running. Mike W.
  10. Hay thanks for the tip about the check valve. I think the pressure switch might already have the blow off thing, when I turn it off it depresses a valve that releases air from the pump by a pipe. Is that the blow off? I picked up some stuff at lows and I think I got everything I need to wire it in. As for the air hammer I think I
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