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  1. You can visit the blacksmith shop in Old Town on Wednesdays and talk to them. I do not think they have a teaching program but you can ask. Both Bandy and Vista are good schools. I looked at both when I started and picked Bandy as it was closer. You can see our web site at bandyblacking.org or look up the Escondido History Center which our guild is a part of. You can stop by on Saturday during the school year from 9-3 and talk to John who teaches the beginning class. We have an advanced class/open work in the morning and the beginning class in the afternoon. Currently due to popular demand there is also a beginning class in the morning. The class runs for 10 weeks and is $30 a session. We also have a wheelwright class. If you have a passion for blacksmithing the drive from San Diego isn't a factor.
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