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  1. This is my Trenton. Its 77# but i have not idea how old it is. the number on the right side is 48058
  2. It's all done and it's solid. I did get to use it some today. It has some ring but not bad at all. The hammer rack extends 3" off the base. It is not in the way YET. If it gets in the way it will be easier to cut it off then to put it on All and all, its my first stand for my first anvil and I like it. Thanks for the input I enjoy learning from you guys. Gary
  3. So i had some time to work on my stand. Its almost done. There will be a metal top that the anvil will sit on. A thin piece of wood will be inserted between the anvil and the base.
  4. Yes, there is an anchor point for both the front and back. I was going to use sand. I decided to use concrete for some additional mass. I was also concerned that the small foot print of the anvil would tend to sink or tip in the sand. I set the height to 2.5" above my fist. My back does not handle being bent over very long. I have several 1" thick rubber pads in can stack and stand on when i need to lower the anvil. I use them in other parts of the shop when i need to adjust the height of a bench. Today i need to come up with a way to hang hammers on the stand.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I started my stand today. I fabricated a metal box, attached all-thread to the base that continues up thru the top to clamp down the anvil and filled it with 240# of concrete. It should heavy and solid when completed.
  6. Thanks Martin- I'll be building 3 sidearm burners for the forge. It should get to temp fairly quickly.
  7. I have taken the into consideration. My forge will have 700 cubic inches so two burners i feel would have been marginal (i am building the burners myself). The burners will be independently controlled so i will be able to run it on one, two or all three burners depending on the heat required. thanks for the input Gary
  8. Got my first anvil today Its a 77# Trenton. Now I need a stand. My question is, with a light anvil will there be any benefits to putting it on a heavy stand (ie. sand filled base) as opposed to a tripod style? With little access to hard wood stumps, i plan to make a stand.
  9. Thanks Rob, I wanted to make sure I could get the guy up to welding temp :P
  10. very nice! the stand looks great as well.
  11. this is a link to the pics i took while building my forge. Most of the design came from zoellerforge.com. (Thanks Larry!) http://s997.photobucket.com/albums/af98/elkhvac/Building%20my%20first%20forge/
  12. Hi all- I'm a newbie. I have been wanting to get into blacksmithing for along time. I now have started building a forge. I have about 10 hours into it now. I'm trying to get the duraboard and a few other parts ordered from Larry Z. Hopefully I'll start on the burners this weekend. Thanks for sharing so much info its been a BIG help.
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