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  1. John, I'm frankly stunned that you can produce these designs using just the tools that you list. Especially the elongated cage -I guess you must split the solid bar (twice) then twist and use some kind of spacers to get the twists even? and the multistrand twists - got me scratching my head there! Must be very time consuming. Yep, straight single bar twists are very easy using our machine. Very easy to reproduce/repeat which is important for us (fences, window guards, gates etc) You can check out our machine at EISENKRAFT - BIEGEMASCHINEN it is the MT2/2. It has basket (ie twisted cage) making attachments, which requires welding 4 x 6mm rods together prior to twisting, but I've not been able to use it successfully - the rods keep snapping at the ends - even when heated. I'm trying to get some advice from the manufacturers on this. I'm going to try to arrange to come over for the course.
  2. Sounds V interesting. I'm a Brit living in Abuja, Nigeria running a 'wrought iron' fabrication workshop using Eisenkraft manual iron bending machines. The twisting machine can produce straight even twists on cold material up to 16mm square rods or 40mm x 5mm bars. The design content of the course sounds great, also curious about the 'multiple bars, split bars & combinations of materials' to see if we can do them with our machine. What's the procedure for booking a place on the course? Peter.
  3. Hi John, I'm curious about the 'Various Twists' course 6&7th March. Do you have any more content details?
  4. I've been trying to make ornamental baskets from 'wrought' iron (ie mild steel) using 6mm square rod cut into 4 even lengths then end welded. I have an Eisenkraft MT hand operated twisting & basket making machine. Problem I have is that to get the required shape I seem to end up with excessive twisting at the ends of the basket which causes the rods to snap. Any tips hugely appreciated.
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